(For Registered Patients Only)

Use the Portal system to make an appointment with your doctor.  This will allow you to view and choose from available times.  *Please note that appointments for your children must be made through their own portal account.

You can also use the Portal system to change or cancel a current appointment.  However, please keep in mind cancellation policies, which can be found here.

When non-urgent issues arise, an appointment may not always be necessary if the issue can be resolved by communicating with your doctor through the portal system.  This will save you time and allow other urgent appointments to be scheduled.  If you are unsure of whether an appointment is necessary, messaging your doctor through the portal system is the most efficient way to find out. 

It is very important to be specific with describing symptoms so that your doctor can quickly let you know whether an appointment is necessary to resolve your issues.

Well Child Checks for a specific age should be made after the specific date of becoming that age. Ex: A 4yr well check should be made AFTER the 4yr birthday, not 3yr and 11months. Similarly, 6 months checks should be made AFTER the child is 6months olds. This is for documentation and insurance reasons.

Efficient communication between doctor and patient is essential to managing your health.  Common communication topics include:

  • Prescription Questions/Requests
  • Follow Up Questions After a Procedure
  • Further Questions About Your Health
  • Discussing Test Results

If your doctor sends you a message through the portal system, you will get an e-mail to alert you.

The payment policy at Little Flower Family Medicine states that payment is due at time of service (during checkout).  So, generally the Portal system is not used to make a payment. 

However, if there is an outstanding balance after insurance or if you have created a payment plan with your doctor, the bill will be sent to you through the Portal System and you may securely pay by credit/debit through the Portal system as well.

You can send/receive forms and documents through the Updox system.  This can include:

  • School Forms for Vaccine or Food Allergy
  • Test Results
  • Necessary Forms for Appointments
  • Follow Up Documents

You may now upload documents and we can receive from you through the Portal system.  Any documents which you need to send to your doctor (such as prior records, ect.) can also be delivered in person or faxed to the office at (636) 898-1960.

Please note that for forms that need to be filled outside of an appointment (daycare, school, summer camp, etc), there is a form fee of $15 for one page and $30 for two + pages.

We will accept newborn babies from families who are already registered patients. If you need to register your newborn, please message us through the portal system with your child's full name, date of birth, and e-mail address which you wish to associate the chart with. 

If you have an urgent health issue or are needing a same day appointment, then please call the office at (636) 875 - 1140.  If you are calling outside of office hours, please leave a voicemail which will be transcribed into an e-mail and sent to the doctors, who will return your call as the urgency requires. 

If you are having a medical emergency, then you need to call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

Once you are registered as a patient, you will receive an e-mail with your temporary username (your registered e-mail address) and a generated password.   You may change your username and password (under my profile).

However, any further changes to either your username and password must be done by a staff member. 

If you have forgotten your username/password or if you wish to change them, please call the office at (636) 875 - 1140 or e-mail staff@littleflowermd.com

Welcome to the Updox Patient Portal

At Little Flower Family Medicine, the Updox Patient Portal is the primary method of communication between doctors and currently registered patients.  Due to the sensitive nature of your medical needs and placing a high regard for your privacy, the secure Portal system is used instead of e-mail for all non-urgent communication. All messages sent on the system are only checked during regular office hours.   

What Can I Use the Portal System For?

If you schedule an appointment or make a payment, please make sure you receive a confirmation email.  If you do not receive one, your appointment/payment may not have been processed, even though it may appear in your portal account.  

Please call the office if you have made an appointment or payment and no email confirmation was received.

What Can I Use the Portal System For?

When Should I Call the Office Instead?

Make or Cancel Appointments

When Should I Call the Office Instead?